Human Rights

11KBW has an unmatched breadth of experience in civil liberties and human rights. Our members are inventive and pioneering.

We act in cases which are at the forefront of human rights law, including those in the European Court of Human Rights. We represent our clients fearlessly, whoever they may be.

The protection of rights and liberties arises in all manner of legal contexts, from more obvious areas such as immigration, social care and mental health, to the less obvious, such as commercial activities, information law and the regulatory sphere. Members of 11KBW are able to bring together depth and diversity of experience in these varied fields of law, together with expertise in human rights law itself, so as to offer effective and comprehensive advice and representation to our clients.

Our barristers act for individuals who believe their rights have been violated and for leading human rights organisations such as Liberty, the Public Law Project and Public Interest Lawyers. We undertake publicly funded claims and act pro bono where appropriate.

11KBW also has considerable experience of acting on behalf of government departments, local authorities and regulatory bodies. Our members are in the best position to provide advice and conduct litigation in a way which reflects the wider policy aims involved in a particular case.