Independent investigations are becoming increasingly common as a way to resolve sensitive issues before they escalate into civil, regulatory or criminal proceedings. By appointing a barrister as an independent investigator, organisations ensure that complaints are treated rigorously, fairly and impartially, and everyone involved can be reassured that the issue has been properly addressed.

Barristers’ independence and integrity make them ideal investigators. They can advise on terms of reference, privilege, data protection, the overlap with regulatory or criminal proceedings and other legal issues that may arise during the course of an investigation.

Members of chambers have extensive experience appearing in investigations of all kinds.
Our expertise in a number of areas, particularly employment, education, regulatory, data protection and privacy law make us perfectly placed to conduct investigations, both domestic and international.

Our investigations are carefully calibrated to clients’ needs, ranging from large-scale or high-profile investigations carried out by a KC, supported where necessary by one or more juniors, to more standard, less complex investigations (e.g. for smaller scale employers) which can be carried out by a junior counsel.

Examples of some of our recent investigations include:

  • the FA investigation into historic child sexual abuse in football
  • whistleblowing investigation for a Government department in relation to project management and procurement issues
  • an investigation for the MOD into alleged bullying of a senior Army officer
  • grievance investigation involving the most senior level of management at a national museum
  • an investigation into extensive allegations of race and religious discrimination in a national public body
  • two investigations for Bury Council into the conduct of officers and members in relation to a child safeguarding matter
  • an investigation on behalf of a local authority into whistleblowing allegations against senior officers
  • an investigation into alleged defects in a departmental restructure in a local authority
  • an investigation for a major national company into their IT system and claims made against it
  • an investigation into the governance of UCL carried out on behalf of the University Visitor
  • an investigation into a child protection matter for a private boarding school
  • investigation for a private school into alleged harassment of teachers by a parent
  • investigation for a private school into a systemic failure to address bullying
  • an investigation for a regulator in relation to allegations that a staff member had an undisclosed conflict of interest
  • investigations for a scientific members’ organisation in relation to the circumstances of a conviction for fraud abroad and the alleged fabrication of educational qualifications
  • we also advise and provide representation relating to investigations conducted by regulators, employers, membership bodies, governmental organisations and in many other contexts