Public Access

Public access (also known as direct access) is the scheme which allows companies, organisations and members of the public to instruct barristers directly without having to go to a solicitor first.

Barristers must be registered on the scheme to accept such instructions and there are a number of special rules which apply, all of which are explained in guidance published by the Bar Standards Board. The members of 11KBW shown on the right hand side of this page are registered on the scheme.

In the right case, instructing one of 11KBW’s public access barristers directly could save considerable time and money. It is not just individuals who can use the scheme and Chambers welcomes inquiries from companies and other organisations who find themselves involved in litigation (actual or potential) or just in need of specialist advice.  

Coming directly to an 11KBW barrister can be particularly effective in the following types of cases:

Data protection and Freedom of Information:

  • provision of specialist advice
  • bringing or defending claims under the Data Protection Act 1998
  • appeals to the Information Tribunal


  • provision of specialist advice
  • special educational needs and disability claims in the First-tier Tribunal and subsequent appeals
  • claims against the OIA and/or higher education institutions
  • judicial review challenges


  • provision of specialist advice
  • preparation for and representation at employment tribunals and subsequent appeals
  • injunction and other claims in the county court and High Court

Planning and Environmental:

  • provision of specialist advice
  • statutory appeals to the High Court (s.288 and s.289 challenges)
  • claims for judicial review (of local authorities, central government and other relevant public bodies) 

If you are interested in instructing one of 11KBW’s public access barristers, please complete the form below.  Alternatively, you can  click here to download a Word version which you can complete and email to

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1. What is the problem that you require legal assistance with? Please give a brief description, including when the problem first started and a brief history.
2. What is the outcome or solution that you want?
3. What exactly do you want a barrister to do?
4. By when do you want the barrister to do it?
5. Are there any hearing dates or deadlines for documents which have been set by a Court or Tribunal or any time limit of which you are aware?
6. How much paperwork would you want the barrister to look at (approximate number of pages or files etc.)?
7. Do you have any specific Barrister in mind?
8. Please provide an indication of the budget you have in mind and whether you would prefer to agree an hourly rate or a fixed fee.
9. If you have had advice from a Solicitor and/or Barrister before please tell us who gave you that advice?
10. How did you hear about us?