Good Law Project publishes advice by Jason Coppel KC and Raphael Hogarth on the Prime Minister and the Standards Committee


The Good Law Project has published a joint advice, written by Jason Coppel KC and Raphael Hogarth, on the processes by which Parliamentarians may discipline the Prime Minister.

GLP instructed Jason and Raphael to advise on various matters relating to Parliamentary discipline following the Prime Minister’s announcement that he had received and paid a fixed penalty notice for a breach of lockdown regulations. In particular, Jason and Raphael were asked to advise on the Standards Committee’s role in disciplining a Member of Parliament, including triggering the process for recall and by-election under the Recall of MPs Act 2015; the process leading up to sanctions being imposed; whether the Committee can investigate and recommend sanctions without a referral from the Commissioner for Standards; and whether, if the Privileges Committee were to recommend a suspension, this could trigger a recall and by-election.

GLP’s summary of the advice is available here. The full advice is available here.