Claim against Oxford by ex-undergraduate dismissed


The High Court has handed down judgment today in Siddiqui v University of Oxford [2018] EWHC 184, a widely-publicised case where an ex-Oxford undergraduate sued the University for allegedly negligent teaching and failure to bring his medical conditions to the attention of the examiners, resulting (he said) in worse marks in History Finals than he had expected. He said those worse marks had caused depression and career failure. Following a 7-day trial, Foskett J has found that (i) the standard of teaching was not negligent; (ii) there was no failure to bring Mr Siddiqui’s medical conditions to the attention of the examiners; (iii) in any case, even if Oxford was negligent, Mr Siddiqui could not show that this had affected his exam results; and (iv) his exam results did not cause his acknowledged depression or his career difficulties. Julian Milford of 11KBW acted for the University.