We set out below some frequently asked questions.


How do I apply?
Our pupillage application process has two parts.  Applications for pupillage should be made on line through the Pupillage Gateway operated by the Bar Council. We also require applicants for pupillage to do an assessed mini-pupillage in chambers, details of which are set out below.

What standards are you looking for?
We normally require candidates to have a first class, or high upper-second class degree.

Do I need a law degree?
No. Many members of chambers have a degree in a subject other than law. We welcome the diversity that this brings.

How many pupillages do you offer?
We offer between 2 and 4 pupillages each year.

What pupillage awards do you offer?
Pupillage awards for 2022 will be £65,000 for a full 12-month pupillage.

Is any part of the pupillage award payable earlier?
Up to £15,000 of the pupillage award may be paid to prospective pupils as an advance in their BPTC year.


11KBW offers two types of mini-pupillage, assessed and unassessed.

What is an unassessed mini-pupillage?
An unassessed mini-pupillage gives an experience of 11KBW to those considering the Bar but who have no particular experience of law or the Bar. Typically unassessed mini-pupils attend court or client meetings on most days of their time with us, so that they get a better idea of working life as a barrister. An application for an unassessed mini-pupillage plays no part in our consideration of a pupillage or assessed mini-pupillage application.

What is an assessed mini-pupillage?
There are two aspects.  First, we have an opportunity to assess your written and oral skills.  We use this assessment to select candidates for interview under the Pupillage Gateway scheme.  Secondly, you have an opportunity to meet as many of us as possible, and to see some of the work we do.

How do I apply?
You should apply using our standard form, which you can download here or which you can obtain by contacting our Admin Department  (adminroom@11kbw.com or 020 7632 8500). CVs will not be accepted in addition to or instead of the application form.

When do I apply?
Completion of an assessed mini-pupillage is an important part of our pupillage application  process.  Applications for an assessed mini-pupillage should be made directly to chambers.  We select candidates for assessed mini-pupillages each year before the application process through the Pupillage Gateway.

The deadline for applications for assessed mini-pupillages is 9 November 2020.

Assessed mini-pupillages will take place between January and March, before offers are made through the Pupillage Gateway on or around early May (see Pupillage Gateway for timetable).

In exceptional circumstances, applicants for pupillage may ask to submit a written answer to a mini-pupillage problem instead of doing an assessed mini-pupillage in chambers.  Any such application should also be made by 9 November 2020.

Normally it is best for you to do an assessed mini-pupillage in the year in which you apply to 11KBW through the Pupillage Gateway.  If you are offered an assessed mini pupillage and your plans change, you should ask for your mini pupillage to be deferred.

We accept applications for unassessed mini-pupillages throughout the year. Normally we would expect applicants for unassessed mini-pupillages to have completed at least the first year of their degree course (whether that is in law or not).

Do you interview for mini-pupillages?
We interview candidates for assessed mini-pupillages.  We will invite candidates to a short interview in chambers in November – December.  If you would find coming to an interview in chambers particularly difficult, please let us know and we will consider alternative arrangements, such as an interview by video conference.

We do not interview for unassessed mini-pupillages.  We select on the basis of your application form only.

How long is a mini-pupillage?
Unassessed mini-pupillages typically last for 3 days.

We invite successful applicants for assessed mini-pupillages to come to chambers for 3 days.