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NOTICE TO POTENTIAL APPLICANTS IN THE 2022 GATEWAY (for Pupillage Commencing in 2023)

The deadline for applications for pupillage is the Pupillage Gateway deadline (9 February 2022). Please apply through the Pupillage Gateway in the normal fashion.

Chambers reviews all applications for pupillage, and invites selected candidates for an assessed mini-pupillage in chambers. Assessed mini-pupillages will take place in March and early April 2022. The present intention is for such mini-pupillages to take place in person, subject to Government guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In exceptional circumstances, applicants for pupillage may ask (i) to conduct a mini-pupillage remotely; or (ii) to submit a written answer to a mini-pupillage problem instead of doing an assessed mini-pupillage. Any such application should be made by email to adminroom@11kbw.com by 9 February 2022.

Candidates selected following the assessed mini-pupillage stage will be invited to a final round interview.

Offers to successful candidates will be made through the Gateway in May 2022.

Please note that Chambers no longer requires applications for assessed mini-pupillage to be made by 8 November 2021. The process set out above is that which will be applied for the 2022 Gateway process.

11KBW was founded in 1981 by Lord Irvine of Lairg QC, with leading employment, public and commercial law practitioners. Chambers has an unparalleled record of members becoming some of the most distinguished members of the judiciary. Aside from Lord Irvine (Lord Chancellor 1997-2003), many 11KBW members have gone on to become influential judges including Lord Sales JSC, Lord Justice Elias, Lord Justice Lewis, Lady Justice Laing, Mr Justice Keith, Mr Justice Wilkie, Mrs Justice Slade, Mr Justice Supperstone, Mr Justice Kerr, Mr Justice Choudhury, Mr Justice Swift, Mr Justice Cavanagh, Mrs Justice Steyn and Mr Justice Bourne. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was also a founder member of Chambers. We are proud that three of the judicial appointments from Chambers are women; and that Mr Justice Choudhury is the first British High Court Judge of Bangladeshi origin.

11KBW has maintained its reputation as the leading employment law set, with a strong commercial law basis. In addition, Chambers has long been recognised as a leading public law and human rights set.

It has been repeatedly nominated, and won, awards for Employment and Public Law Set of the Year and has been nominated for Defamation, Privacy and Data Protection Set of the Year. An array of current and former members of Chambers have won awards in a variety of categories.

In line with the longstanding tradition of Chambers, we aim to offer a rewarding and challenging environment which will prepare exceptional candidates for an exceptional career.

We offer up to four fully funded 12 month pupillages each year. Our pupillage awards for 2022-23 are £65,000, of which up to £15,000 is available during the BPTC year. We will be offering an award of £70,000 for pupillage commencing in 2023. Pupils will be able to draw down £20,000 during the BPTC year. Applications for pupillage must be made through Pupillage Gateway. Offers of pupillage are made only to those candidates whom we consider have a reasonable prospect of joining 11KBW as tenants.

Each of our pupils is assessed on his or her own merits; our pupils are not in competition with each other. This means that if all of our pupils are of sufficient merit to be offered tenancy they all will be. Indeed, we hope that this is the case.

Our only aim is to get the very best practitioners. As with everything we do, our approach to pupillage is underpinned by a commitment to equal opportunities and fair treatment. Applications are assessed strictly on merit.  

Applications for mini-pupillage and pupillage are strongly encouraged from members of groups that are under-represented at the Bar. Each year in February Chambers will award a scholarship to a Black UK student, the recipient of which will receive a grant, a guaranteed Assessed Mini-Pupillage, and a dedicated interview place for pupillage if their performance at mini-pupillage meets an appropriate threshold. Full details of the scholarship including the eligibility criteria and applications process are at https://11kbwscholarship.com/. Chambers very much welcomes applications from members of all under-represented groups, whether nor not they fall within the scholarship eligibility criteria.

Reasonable adjustments will be made where appropriate for any disabled candidate for pupillage, and for any disabled pupil. Any candidate requiring reasonable adjustments should email Adminroom@11kbw.com, providing details of their needs and the adjustment they seek.

Where a pupil is taken on after pupillage and becomes a tenant, past experience suggests that their first-year earnings will compare favourably to those of their peers at leading City and US law firms. As barristers are self-employed, junior tenants’ earnings do vary depending on their workload and the areas in which they choose to practise.

11KBW is proud to be one of the small number of leading sets in EU law that sponsor the annual award of the prestigious Phoenicia Scholarships. The scholarships, which are allocated on the basis of academic achievement and demonstrated interest in EU law, provide funding for pupils and junior practitioners to travel to, and participate in, the Bar European Group’s annual international conference. A significant number of 11KBW practitioners have benefitted from the awards, which make an important contribution to the  professional development of the next generation of leaders at the EU law bar.

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