Manifesto for the Night Time Economy


Philip Kolvin KC is the Lead Author of Darkest before the Dawn, the Night Time Industry Association’s Manifesto for the Night Time Economy, 2024, published today.

The manifesto, which is directed at national and local politicians, makes 44 recommendations to protect and foster grassroots night culture across the UK.  It argues for a step change in approach, from treating the night time economy simply as a sector requiring regulation, to seeing it as a social good worthy of support through a strategic framework.  The recommendations cover national and local governance, placemaking, licensing, people, best practice schemes and financial support.

Philip states: “The night time economy is facing a perfect storm of pressures. Business as usual is not an option. In the manifesto, we have set out a cohesive structure for the sector to be protected and fostered, for the economic and cultural benefit of the country.”