11KBW is 40 years old today!


Chambers opened on 7th December, 1981 in premises on the first floor south of 1, Harcourt Buildings, Temple. There were ten members:  one silk –  Alexander Irvine, Q.C. (as he then was) and nine juniors – James Goudie, Eldred Tabachnik, Brian Keith, Elizabeth Slade, Michael Supperstone, Alan Wilkie, Alistair McGregor, Richard Field and Anthony (Tony) Blair. There was one pupil – Elisabeth Laing (now Lady Justice Laing), and three members of staff – Norman Bletsoe, Jonathan Harwood and Philip Monham.

Chambers established a foothold in KBW in June, 1983 with an annexe in the basement north of No.10 and moved to No. 11 on 22nd July, 1985.  We have now grown to become a leading set of 66 members of chambers, including 20 silks, thanks in no small part to the continued support of our clients.

We wish a Happy birthday to 11KBW and to all past and present Members and Staff, to whom we owe our thanks for making this achievement possible.