The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse publishes its report on the Lambeth Council strand


On 27 July 2021 the Independent Inquiry published its report on the ‘Children in the care of Lambeth Council’ strand of the Inquiry. ‘Children in the care of Lambeth Council’ examined the scale and nature of the sexual abuse experienced by children in the care of Lambeth Council over several decades since the 1960s. The report found one of the council’s biggest care homes, Shirley Oaks, received allegations of sexual abuse against 177 members of staff or individuals connected with the home, involving at least 529 former residents. By June 2020, the Council had complaints of sexual abuse from 705 former residents. Despite this, over 40 years, the Council only disciplined one senior employee for their part in the catalogue of sexual abuse. Read more here.

Ruth Kennedy acted as junior counsel to the Inquiry.