Hannah Slarks, Aliya Al-Yassin and Christopher Knight in Rwanda flights litigation


The Government has said that if the Conservative Party wins the general election, flights under its Rwanda Removal Policy will begin to take off as early as 24 July 2024, in accordance with the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act 2024. 

Hannah Slarks, Aliya Al-Yassin and Christopher Knight are part of a team of counsel from 11KBW, Blackstone Chambers, Matrix Chambers and Brick Court Chambers, led by Raza Husain KC and instructed by Duncan Lewis, on behalf of an asylum-seeker from Afghanistan challenging the lawfulness of the policy, and any removal, as incompatible with Article 3 ECHR. That claim is expected to be heard, amongst other challenges to the Act and the Policy, at a hearing listed by Chamberlain J for the week commencing 8 July 2024 to determine various Rwanda claims. The UNHCR is intervening in the proceedings in support of the claim.

In addition, the same counsel team act on behalf of the applicant in NSK v United Kingdom, in which a ruling is sought on the compliance of the various iterations of the Government’s Rwanda Policy with Article 3 ECHR from the European Court of Human Rights.