Rachel Kamm and Tara Shahbahrami join 11KBW to specialise in investigations


We are delighted to announce that Rachel Kamm and Tara Shahbahrami have joined chambers as Associate Members, specialising in undertaking impartial, independent investigations.

Rachel’s experience covers a broad range of workplace issues (including allegations of bullying, discrimination and victimisation) across different sectors. Her background in public law (including a strong focus on education law, regulation, information law, health and community care) also gives her the knowledge and skills to work in many other investigation contexts, including those relating to university students, schools, public sector service provision, governance and culture reviews. Rachel was a practising barrister at 11KBW from 2007 until 2017. She is now an Associate Member providing investigation services to clients. 

Tara is skilled at conducting investigations involving joint complaints and multiple allegations made by teams and large numbers of employees across organisations. She has also undertaken general cultural reviews of organisations. Her experience includes working as a sole investigator and as part of a larger team.  Tara is also an experienced workplace mediator and has supported numerous individuals and teams to work through sensitive and damaging conflicts. She has done this through formal mediation, facilitated conversations and conflict coaching. Tara has a flexible and pragmatic approach which involves responding to the needs of each situation in creative ways. She was a practising barrister at 11KBW from 2007 until 2011 and now provides investigation and mediation services.

As Associate Members, Rachel and Tara do not provide legal services to clients and their investigations and mediations are not covered by many of the rules which regulate practising barristers. Their work will usually be undertaken alongside (but separate from) related legal advice and litigation services, but they will not be involved in any way in that legal advice or litigation service.