Joanne Clement KC to join Expert Panel on the Subsidy Control Act

Joanne Clement

Joanne Clement KC will be speaking as part of an Expert Panel hosted by Kings College London/Lexxion on 7 March 2024. The Expert Panel will consider the Practical Application of the Subsidy Control Act: One Year On.

Joanne Clement KC will be joining the expert panel to discuss the practical application of the Subsidy Control regime and consider how we can regime can be improved. Following the entering into force of the Subsidy Control Act (SCA) in January 2023, the new system of a framework for a UK-wide subsidy control regime is being tested. The intention was to enable public authorities, including devolved administrations and local authorities, to deliver subsidies tailored to local needs; and to support government priorities, such as its levelling up agenda.

The new Subsidy Control regime is one of the most comprehensive post Brexit regulatory settlements, representing an extensive legislative regime in terms of control of public spending. The model adopted will have serious effects on the role of public authorities to address their levelling up priorities in their local areas and the ability to stay on the right side of the UK’s international obligations.

The full details of the event can be found here.

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