11KBW in top 10 list of The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases over the last 10 years


The Lawyer has published a report which dives into the data behind the past 10 years of their Top 20 Cases.  We are proud to rank 9th in the list by number of teams and number of cases.

The report tallies and provides observations on all the lawyers involved in the Top 20 Cases for the years between 2014 and 2023, which feature 200 cases, 920 barristers, 592 partners, 84 chambers and 180 firms.  The Lawyer contends that “each list provides an excellent insight into the best 20 cases hitting the courts that year, and who is trusted to handle what, by their nature, are mostly complex, difficult disputes. Accordingly, this report provides a valuable overview of the best legal practitioners working in the country.”

Read the full report here