Client Care

Client service is an absolute priority at 11KBW. Our team of highly skilled clerks will be delighted to assist you by recommending the barrister or team most suited to deal with any given case and ensure you have a positive experience working with 11KBW and its members.

Conflicts Policy

Our clerking teams have very clear responsibilities for different barristers to avoid any conflicts of interest or any issues as to confidentiality. Our conflicts policy can be found here; if you have any concerns or should you wish to discuss any aspect of our policy, please do not hesitate to contact our clerking team.

Complaints Policy

Chambers is committed to providing a first class service at all times but should you have cause to complain, our complaints procedure can be found here.


Barristers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

Anti-Bribery Policy

11KBW is committed to conducting its business fairly, honestly and openly, in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. We will not tolerate bribery or corruption by members, staff or by any third party acting for or on chambers’ behalf. In particular, 11KBW expects all those associated with it to act lawfully and with integrity in all aspects of their roles and to help foster a culture in which bribery and fraud is unacceptable. Our Anti-Bribery Policy is available here.

11KBW Standard Contractual Terms

From 31st January 2013, 11KBW’s members will adopt The Bar Council’s Standard Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012, these terms have been updated for the GDPR 2018 (link below). These Standard Conditions replace The Bar Council’s previous Terms of Work on which Barristers Offer their Services to Solicitors and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme 198 in Annexe G to the Bar Code of Conduct.

Save where otherwise agreed, these Conditions will apply whenever new instructions are accepted by members of 11KBW from 31st January 2013 onwards. Existing instructions in on-going cases received prior to 31st January 2013 will continue to be governed by the Terms of Work/Withdrawal of Credit Scheme, save that the new Standard Conditions will apply if new instructions are received in relation to an existing case, e.g. for advice relating to an appeal. If you have any queries or concerns as to the terms applicable to a particular instruction, please do not hesitate to contact the 11KBW clerks team.

11KBW is keeping these terms under review and may in due course adopt varied terms and conditions.

You can read the 11KBW Standard Contractual Terms here.