An assessed mini-pupillage is a vital part of our pupillage application process.  It offers an important opportunity for us to assess your suitability for pupillage and, ultimately, tenancy, by looking beyond your academic background to measure for ourselves the skills which we consider are important for successful practice in our chambers.

Equally, it offers you an opportunity to consider whether you wish to apply to us. During the 3 days you will meet a range of members of chambers, in both formal and informal contexts, and see some of our work. You will be able to ask us questions about practice and about chambers. We will ask you to do a piece of work which will be assessed by two members of chambers. At the end of the 3 days you will be asked questions about the work which you have produced and offered constructive feedback on it. You will be assessed on the written work and on the oral discussion.

Places for assessed mini-pupillages are limited and are offered only to candidates who demonstrate exceptional qualities in their application. The main qualities which we think are necessary for a successful barrister are:

  • an analytical mind
  • an ability to express ideas clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing
  • the ability to think under pressure
  • a commitment to hard work
  • an organised approach to practice
  • a capacity to understand, and show understanding of, the needs and problems of those for whom and with whom they work

A first or higher upper-second class degree (in any academic field) is required. It is for a candidate to demonstrate his or her abilities. If you have studied outside England and Wales, we strongly suggest that you put your results into context.

NOTICE TO POTENTIAL APPLICANTS IN THE 2022 GATEWAY (for Pupillage Commencing in 2023)

Please note that Chambers no longer requires applications for assessed mini-pupillage to be made by 8 November 2021. The process set out below is that which will be applied for the 2022 Gateway process.

The deadline for applications for pupillage is the Pupillage Gateway deadline (9 February 2022). Please apply through the Pupillage Gateway in the normal fashion.

Chambers reviews all applications for pupillage, and invites selected candidates for an assessed mini-pupillage in chambers. Assessed mini-pupillages will take place in March and early April 2022. The present intention is for such mini-pupillages to take place in person, subject to Government guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In exceptional circumstances, applicants for pupillage may ask (i) to conduct a mini-pupillage remotely; or (ii) to submit a written answer to a mini-pupillage problem instead of doing an assessed mini-pupillage. Any such application should be made by email to by 9 February 2022.

Candidates selected following the assessed mini-pupillage stage will be invited to a final round interview.

Offers to successful candidates will be made through the Gateway in May 2022.

Normally it is better for you to do an assessed mini-pupillage in the year in which you apply to 11KBW through the Pupillage Gateway.  If you are offered an assessed mini-pupillage and your plans change, you should ask for your mini-pupillage to be deferred.

Assessed mini-pupillages are a very important part of our application process. We recognise that an assessed mini-pupillage may be expensive for applicants who are not based in London, and who may have to pay for their travel and/or accommodation. We will reimburse the travel or accommodation expenses of assessed mini-pupils who live outside the M25, up to a maximum of £150.  For further information please contact Claire Halas.

Unassessed Mini-Pupillages

We also offer a small number of unassessed mini-pupillages for those who are at an earlier stage of their legal studies and who wish to consider practising as a barrister in our areas of expertise. Places are very limited and we only offer unassessed mini-pupillages to applicants who demonstrate exceptional qualities and who we consider would particularly benefit from the experience. We place no weight on whether or not an applicant has done an unassessed mini-pupillage with us when we consider applications for pupillage and assessed mini-pupillages. Applications for unassessed mini-pupillages may be made at any time in the year on the application form available here.