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Harini Iyengar

Harini Iyengar

Harini Iyengar

Practice Overview

Harini Iyengar specialises in the law on Employment, Discrimination and Equality, Education, Partnership, Data Protection, and Procurement. With many years’ experience in EU law, and her political and commercial awareness, Harini is also available to advise on both predictable and novel Brexit / EU law issues arising in the aftermath of the referendum vote.

Harini has extensive experience in very high-value discrimination and equal pay claims, as well as high-profile whistleblowing and victimisation cases, in a number of sectors including the NHS, financial services, the police and academia.

She continues to have a busy Education practice, with increasing numbers of Higher Education cases. Harini is currently advising a university on the Higher Education and Research Bill.

Her procurement practice includes representing six Criminal legal aid defence practices involved in the ground-breaking mass litigation challenging the Legal Aid Agency’s procurement exercise to award contracts for providing legal aid duty solicitor services at police stations.

Harini is regularly asked to provide expert legal comment to the media including, most recently, Sky News (watch the interviews herehere, here, here, here, here, here and here), LBC radio, (listen here), and for the Independent newspaper, (read here).  She also maintains a popular Twitter profile.

She accepts instructions directly from business owners, directors and individuals under the public access rules, in suitable cases, and is open to discussion on crowdfunded litigation.

Harini is a Governor of London Metropolitan University and an external trustee of Oxford University Student Union.  She sits on the steering committee of the Temple Women’s Forum, is a formal mentor for Cityparents, and is a trained interviewer for Inner Temple oral history project.  In 2016, she ran for election to the Greater London Assembly for the new Women’s Equality Party, in its first-ever elections.


Undertakes a wide range of employment law work with particular focus on complex disputes, including remuneration and restrictive covenant enforcement issues. Her employment practice is bolstered by her extensive knowledge of education and procurement law.

"She is extremely responsive and has a great attention to detail. She is also really client-friendly."  Chambers & Partners 2017

"She is a pleasure to deal with, and shows conscientiousness and knowledge of her subject" Legal 500, 2016

"She listens carefully to clients and reflects their instructions with well-constructed advice" Legal 500, 2016

"Unflappable and solid at handling partnership cases" Chambers & Partners 2016

"She is sharp-witted, perceptive and an experienced cross-examiner" Chambers & Partners 2016

"She is very good at getting to the issues that matter quickly, and presents her cases to best advantage" Legal 500

"She brings confidence to both instructing solicitor and client" Legal 500

"She provides high-quality advice, and is genuinely interested in her clients" Legal 500


Beatt v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust 2015-2016
Harini continues to represent the Claimant senior Consultant Cardiologist in his NHS whistleblowing litigation, with the litigation now proceeding to the Court of Appeal.

Senior Female Manager v International Business 2015-2016
Harini successfully defended an international business against allegations of victimisation brought by a senior female manager.

Advice on Higher Education and Research Bill 2016
Harini is advising a university on the Higher Education and Research Bill.

Senior Female Academic v Russell Group University 2015-2016
Harini represented a senior female  academic bringing claims of victimisation against a Russell Group University.  She had previously sued the University for equal pay, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, in claims which were settled by mutual consent and alleged that the University did not abide by the terms of settlement and had victimised and discriminated against her.

Senior Financial Services Saleswoman v Major Investment Bank 2015
Harini represented a senior financial services saleswoman in a multi-day very high-value case against a major investment bank,  involving claims of direct sex discrimination, direct nationality discrimination, indirect nationality discrimination, unfair dismissal and victimisation.

Criminal Legal Aid Duty Provider Litigation 2015-2016
Harini represented six Criminal legal aid defence practices which are involved in the mass litigation challenging the Legal Aid Agency’s procurement exercise to award contracts for providing legal aid duty solicitor services at police stations.

Direct Access Higher Education Cases 2015
Harini advised and assisted litigants in person who instructed her directly on their cases through the public access scheme.  Her clients included a female University Professor concerned about workplace harassment and sex discrimination, and students who wished to challenge University decisions concerning examination results and disciplinary matters.

Annals v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis 2015
Harini successfully defended the Metropolitan Police from an unusual claim of sex discrimination brought by a male firearms officer who had been refused a career break.

Advice to Major Public Body on Strike 2015
Harini advised a major public body in regard to a strike with wide-reaching implications.

Senior Female Financial Services Manager v Major Bank 2015
Harini advised and represented a senior female financial services manager bringing equal pay claims against a major bank, including a novel claim relying on the hypothetical comparator under section 71 of the Equality Act 2010.  A confidential settlement was reached at the door of the court.

Employee v NHS Trust 2015-2016
Harini represented an NHS Trust defending complex claims of disability discrimination in a hearing listed for 10 days.

Legal Advice to Public Body on Sensitive Disciplinary Allegations 2015
Harini continued to advise a public body’s disciplinary panel in relation to serious allegations o f gross misconduct against a senior officer.

Senior Female Academic v Russell Group University 2015-2016
Harini is representing a senior female  academic bringing claims of victimisation against a Russell Group University.  She had previously sued the University for equal pay, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, in claims which were settled by mutual consent and now alleges that the University did not abide by the terms of settlement and has victimised her.

Advice on National Living Wage 2015
Harini provided detailed written advice to a public body on a series of difficult questions about the implementation of the National Living Wage, its interaction with the National Minimum Wage and the effect on payscales.

Beatt v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust 2014
Harini represented the successful claimant, Dr Kevin Beatt, a consultant interventional cardiologist who brought NHS whistleblowing claims in the aftermath of a patient’s death during an operation.  Read news article here.

Bouabdillah v Commerzbank AG (Employment Tribunal)
[2013] EqLR 651 Harini appeared on behalf of the successful Claimant, Latifa Bouabdillah, who brought claims of victimisation and direct sex discrimination against Commerzbank. Read news article here

Tate v HSBC Bank Plc and Pointer
Harini successfully defended HSBC Bank against high-value claims by a female banker of direct and indirect sex discrimination, bullying and harassment.  Harini obtained a strike out of all the claims at the second preliminary hearing.

Performance Management and Substance Addiction in a Traditional Partnership
Harini is currently advising the managing partners of a traditional partnership on a sensitive and complex matter involving performance management and substance addiction relating to a senior equity partner, raising issues of disability discrimination, personal injury, whistleblowing, remuneration, and expulsion from the partnership.

Senior Finance Partner v Financial Services LLP
Harini drafted a claim and advised a senior female partner in a financial services limited liability partnership on very high-value disputes relating to expulsion from the partnership, partnership remuneration structures, profit-sharing rules, pregnancy and maternity discrimination, sex discrimination and victimisation.

Solicitor Partner v Solicitors LLP
Harini advised and represented a solicitors limited liability partnership facing high-value and bitterly-contested claims from a partner involving very serious allegations of financial and regulatory impropriety against the LLP, whistleblowing, disputes over profit share and remuneration, legal issues about status as partner and the formal registration rules, and expulsion from the partnership.  The case settled at the door of the court before a multi-day hearing.

Carmelli Bakeries Ltd v Benali
Harini successfully represented a disabled pastry chef who had been dismissed by a kosher bakery in the Employment Appeal Tribunal in an appeal about use of non-kosher jam which raised complex issues about reason for dismissal, inference of victimisation disability discrimination, and reduction for contributory fault.

Otobor v Croydon College
Harini successfully defended the strike out of age discrimination claims on behalf of a Further Education College in an Employment Appeal Tribunal hearing.  On remission to the employment tribunal of the claims of race discrimination, Harini again represented the college and all the claims were dismissed.

Peak v South Buckinghamshire County Council
Harini successfully defended a county council from a sensitive claim of unfair dismissal brought by a senior officer who had been dismissed for serious sexual misconduct towards a vulnerable service user.

Child Sexual Exploitation, employment issues and local authority
Harini advised a local authority on employment issues concerning the conduct of social workers, arising out of investigations into allegations of historic child sexual exploitation in its area.

Senior Director v Major International Telecommunications Business
Harini represented a major international telecommunications business defending claims from a senior director of direct sex discrimination, constructive unfair dismissal, and victimisation.  The case settled after a preliminary hearing and negotiations.

Senior Banker v Major Investment Bank
Harini advised a senior banker bringing very high-value claims of whistleblowing, disability discrimination, failure to make reasonable adjustments, indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and unlawful deduction from wages.  The case settled shortly before a multi-day hearing.

Senior Director v International Ratings Business
Harini represented a senior female director of an international ratings business who was bringing very high-value claims of direct and indirect sex discrimination and victimisation.  Following negotiations, the case settled on the eve of the multi-day hearing.

Townend v Unite the Union
Harini successfully defended Unite in a multi-day employment tribunal case raising complex issues of employment status, transfer of undertakings, and employers’ counterclaims for fraud.

Stokes v Smart Education Ltd
Harini successfully defended a multi-day case for a teacher recruitment business and obtained costs.  The claim was for pregnancy and maternity discrimination, pregnancy harassment, unfair dismissal, and failure to pay sick pay.

Senior University Academic v Russell Group University
Harini drafted a letter before claim and advised at length a senior female academic raising civil court claims of equal pay and harassment alongside employment tribunal claims of equal pay, unfair dismissal, sex discrimination and sexual harassment, which raised difficult jurisdictional questions.

Student v Russell Group University
Harini advised and drafted grounds of appeal for a student challenging the complex rules on borderline final degree candidates for a first class degree.

Senior College Lecturer v Further Education College
Harini advised and drafted a claim for a senior college lecturer bringing whistleblowing and unfair dismissal claims, including allegations of irregularity in the conduct of public examinations, against a further education college.  The case settled two weeks before the hearing.

Disabled Medical Student v Russell Group University
Harini successfully represented a disabled medical student at an unusual appeal to the Appeal Committee of a Russell Group University in which the challenge was based on the student’s rights to receive educational services under the Equality Act 2010.  As a result of the appeal, the student was reinstated to her medical degree with adjustments for her disability.

Senior Underwriter v Insurance Business
Harini drafted a High Court claim and advised a senior underwriter claiming a series of unpaid bonuses.

Advice to Public Body on Pension Scheme Dispute
Harini advised a public body in conference and in writing about a dispute with two chief officers of a public body concerning performance-related pay, the operation of the Local Government Pension Scheme, and the powers of the public body.

Twelve Years’ Arrears of Pension Contributions
Through the public access scheme, Harini advised a headmaster and chair of governors on a unique multi-party dispute arising because of an error by payroll or human resources subcontractors which had led to 12 years’ arrears of contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme for a long-term and well-regarded teacher.

Disability Discrimination and Performance Management in Well-known Large Firm of Solicitors
Harini advised a well-known large firm of solicitors over many months during which they were performance managing a solicitor with a serious illness and potential disability who was under-performing.  The matter was amicably resolved.

Faith School and Transfer of Undertakings and Cleaning Services
Harini advised a faith school in writing concerning its unusual contracts for cleaning services, the transfer of undertakings rules, and the enforceability of penalty clauses.

Legal Advisor to Disciplinary Panel
Harini is currently instructed as the legal advisor to a disciplinary panel of a public body considering very sensitive allegations of serious misconduct against a senior solicitor.

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