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Before joining 11KBW, Natalie spent several years at 7KBW where she specialised in all areas of commercial law.  She brings this experience to bear on her growing practice in the fields of employment law (particularly where large claims or class actions are involved), public law (including commercial judicial review), procurement law, company & partnership law, media & data privacy law and tax law.

Natalie is currently being led by Peter MacDonald-Eggers QC of 7KBW in British Gymnastics v Zurich Insurance Plc & Others, a large, multi-party insurance coverage dispute listed for trial in the High Court later this year.  Natalie was also instructed by Cattles, the sub-prime lender, in its multi-billion pound audit negligence claim against PwC. A large proportion of Natalie’s advisory practice concerns contractual and professional negligence-related matters.

Natalie has spent time on secondment to several top London law firms, including Reed Smith LLP and Weightmans LLP, as well as to Insurance Clubs abroad. Natalie takes a very personal approach to her practice and welcomes opportunities to spend time in-house with clients.



Civil Fraud

Natalie’s recent civil fraud work includes:

  • An application for a worldwide freezing order in the High Court following a fraud on a bank account (acting as sole counsel).
  • Advising on the potential fraud-related causes of action available to the displaced property manager of a well-known London residential complex.
  • Instruction on a large solicitors’ negligence claim at the insurance law and fraud interfaces.
  • Advising on compliance matters in connection with the Gambling Act 2005. 

Commercial Contract

Natalie regularly advises on and acts in a wide range of commercial disputes. Her recent work includes:

  • Successfully representing FedEx in a claim for compensation by a commercial customer.
  • Acting as sole junior to Peter Macdonald-Eggers QC in British Gymnastics v Zurich Insurance Plc (and others), a multi-party liability insurance coverage dispute scheduled for trial in November 2017.
  • A complex claim for restitution on the basis of payments made under a mistake of fact, involving issues of contractual construction, incorporation of terms and rectification.
  • Strategic income protection insurance policy advice for a Friendly Society.
  • Advising on the availability of garnishee orders and third party debt orders in a multi-jurisdictional context.
  • Advising on the issue of oil major approvals in the context of the rejection of a vessel by terminals in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.
  • Advising on the topic of prejudice to an insurer’s rights of subrogation by an insured.

Natalie also has some construction expertise, derived from the following pieces of work:

  • Advising on the merits of a debt/damages claim by contractors in respect of road upgrade works carried out in Ethiopia in the context of the employer’s alleged entitlement to currency fluctuation adjustments to the amounts otherwise due to the contractors.
  • Advising on the liabilities of various parties to a FIDIC suite of contracts.
  • Successfully representing Buyers in a two-week shipbuilding arbitration against a Chinese Yard. The case raised complicated issues concerning Classification Society certification, sea trials and physical defects (led by Robert Bright QC).
  • A claim for the return of US$18 million in prepaid purchase instalments following rescission/termination of a shipbuilding contract for repudiatory breach of the same by a Chinese yard.
  • Advising on the damages regime applicable, and the potential grounds of termination available to buyers under a Bareboat Charter Agreement following severe delay to the construction of an FPSO.

Company and Partnership

Examples of Natalie’s work in the Company & Partnership field include the following:

  • Led by Julian Wilson, Natalie has drafted Defence Submissions in an Unfair Prejudice Petition and Part 8 Partnership Dissolution Proceedings.
  • Advising on the principles applicable to the recognition by an arbitral tribunal of the appointment of a foreign insolvency office-holder.
  • A shareholder dispute regarding liability for the fees of a third party financial advisor.
  • Advising on various matters arising out of the insolvency of OW Bunkers.
  • A rescission application in the Bankruptcy and Companies Court in respect of a winding up petition brought against a company who were appealing the assessment of the majority of the petition debt (by HMRC) to the First Tier Tax Tribunal.
  • Appearing in the Companies Court on winding up petitions and applications for late registration of charges.

European Union

In a shipping context, Natalie recently advised vessel owners on the current position with regard to Iran sanctions following the lifting of most US and EU sanctions against Iran in January 2016.

Natalie has also advised on the impact of the re-cast Brussels Regulation on the rules for service of proceedings out of the jurisdiction.

Mediation and Arbitration

At 7KBW, Natalie carved out a particular specialism in shipping law. Her recent arbitral work in that context (largely under the LMAA rules) and others (including under the LCIA, ICC and GAFTA rules) includes:

  • Successfully representing charterers in a chain in respect of appeals brought under ss. 68 and 69 of the Arbitration Act 1996.
  • Successfully representing charterers in a chain in recovering their costs of an earlier arbitration as damages against Owners.
  • Representing Respondent Charterers in a claim by Owners in respect of damage caused by fire in a cargo of direct reduced iron (DRI). The case concerned apportionment of liability under the Inter-Club Agreement (led by Charles Priday).
  • Acting (as sole counsel) on one of the first safe port disputes concerning the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
  • Acting (as sole counsel) in LMAA arbitrations concerning (i) fee disputes under a Ship Management Agreement, (ii) the sale of a liquid ethylene gas carrier and (iii) the proper construction of a bespoke protective clause in a charterparty chain.
  • Advising on ‘undisclosed’/’surreptitious’ bailment issues in a freight claim.
  • Advising on the availability of a Henderson v Henderson procedural estoppel defence in an international arbitral context.
  • Applications for anti-suit injunctions in support of arbitration agreements. Natalie delivers a regular talk to solicitors on ‘the basic elements of an anti-suit injunction’.
  • An application for committal for contempt in respect of a respondent’s breach of an anti-suit injunction (to enforce an arbitration agreement). This case raised complex jurisdictional questions and issues with regard to service out of the jurisdiction under the Hague Convention.
  • Natalie has also attended a number of mediations with, or on behalf of her clients and is familiar with mediation procedure and formalities, including the drafting of position statements.

Procurement & State Aid

  • Natalie recently advised the successful tenderer for transport services at a London airport on the potential private law remedies available in circumstances where the displaced former service-provider had been allowed to continue providing transport services to the airport pending the conclusion of a competition claim (alleging breach of dominant position) brought against the airport.
  • Natalie has advised local councils on compliance with The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 during large procurement processes, as well as on issues arising out of Memoranda of Understanding with other public entities as part of these processes.

Professional Discipline & Regulatory Law

Natalie recently advised a London casino on various compliance matters in connection with the Gambling Act 2005. The advice concerned untested provisions of the Act and required extensive Pepper v Hart research.


  • Natalie recently advised in connection with a Judicial Review application from the decision of the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) to replace the manager of a well-known London residential complex with a new manager who had not met the conditions of his appointment.
  • Natalie has also recently appeared as sole counsel in the Administrative Court in relation to the making of consequential applications following judgment in a Judicial Review relating to County Council age assessments for the purposes of domestic immigration law.
  • Natalie has recently advised in relation to various public bodies’ obligations regarding the implementation of hostile vehicle mitigation measures (HVMs) on London bridges following the recent terror attacks in Westminster and London Bridge.

Public International Law

Prior to coming to the Bar, Natalie worked as the Development Officer for the Mike Campbell Foundation, a UK charity seeking redress for the human rights and property law violations committed by the Mugabe regime against farmers in Zimbabwe.

Natalie also recently attended the Geoffrey Nice Foundation’s Masterclass on Mass Atrocities in Dubrovnik, Croatia (special focus on the former Yugoslavia).

Natalie retains a keen interest in public international law issues.


During pupillage, Natalie assisted on an insurance claim concerning the D&O liability of a Spanish football club.


Natalie’s recent employment work includes:

  • Representing Claimants and Respondents in claims in the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal, discrimination, victimisation and harassment.  A number of Natalie’s cases also involve more niche areas of employment law, including whistleblowing, associative disability discrimination and failure to make reasonable adjustments.
  • Instruction on larger led cases in the High Court, including a class action by employees of a large international insurance conglomerate and a claim for unfair dismissal by a former member of senior management within Barclays Bank.  Natalie’s commercial expertise means she is able to interrogate complex fact patterns in employment cases across a broad range of different professional industries.
  • Advising on IR35 and the indicators of self-employment for the purposes of contract-drafting by a large, international organisation.



Media and Data Privacy

  • Natalie is currently representing the Information Commissioner in the First Tier Tribunal on a number of challenges to the Commissioner’s decisions.

Tax Litigation

  • Natalie is instructed by taxpayers on a range of matters, including appeals of WOWGR license revocations, AWRS registration scheme refusals and tax assessments.
  • Natalie has also advised in connection with VAT de-registrations arising out of the above issues.


2012: BA in Law, University of Nottingham (First Class, top of year)

2014: BPTC, College of Law, Bloomsbury (Outstanding, top student in call)


Lincoln’s Inn Buchanan Prize (2014)

The University of Law Platinum Award (2013)

Lincoln’s Inn Lord Denning Scholarship and Hardwicke Entrance Award (2013)

The University of Nottingham Prize in Law (2012)

The University of Nottingham Law Graduate’s Association Prize for the best graduating student (2012)

The Elizabeth and JD Marsden Prize (2012)

The Sultan Azlan Shah Prize (2012)

Highest mark ever awarded in Corporate Insolvency Law (2012)

TargetJobs Law Undergraduate of the Year Award, finalist (2012)

The Nottingham Advantage Award (2011)

The JC Smith Prize in Criminal Law (2011)

The Shoosmiths Prize (2011)


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